Browse Month: January 2017

Securus Technologies Helps Law Enforcement Solve Crimes and Monitor Criminals

Securus Technologies continues to perfect specialized software that helps correctional facilities perform what frequently appears like a thankless job. Jails and prisons have an obligation to keep prisoners as safe as possible, while working with law enforcement officials on the outside, to produce evidence that might help solve crimes.



Solving Crimes


It’s extremely comforting for me to know that a company has dedicated their efforts to providing the software solutions that help monitor the communications of individuals who have made unproductive life choices. While it is necessary to provide for the safety of the inmates in all facilities, helping to protect the lives of the good citizens on the outside must be a priority. Securus allows law enforcement the convenience of monitoring the direct communications of inmates to offer a secure level of comfort to the outside world.



Parolee Monitoring


Once individuals who have entered the criminal judicial system are freed, it is even more essential that law enforcement have the capability to monitor their release. I find it refreshing to know there is technology in place that assists the legal system in helping to establish a healthy lifestyle balance for parolees.



When rehabilitated persons are placed back in society it is essential that their progress and development be observed closely. This not only gives them a greater chance of success, but also affords surrounding communities a blanket of security knowing that law enforcement does not need to physically watch every inmate released back in society.



I find it reassuring that a business like Securus Technologies had the foresight to develop software that allows law enforcement to work towards solving crimes, even when suspects are incarcerated. The systems also assist inmates in trying to better their lives after release, then monitoring that progress when they’re given the opportunity to rejoin society.




As 2016 Ends George Soros Reflects On Landmark Year

A Historic Election
2016 was the year that Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump went toe to toe. Previously demoralized by the victory of George W. Bush in 2004, George Soros was reluctant to involve himself in the American presidential election. However, once he decided to contribute $8 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton this got the ball rolling for others who wanted to donate. Eventually the donations piled on and Hillary Clinton’s campaign eventually reached more than $1 billion in funding.

The Migrant Wave Of Europe
This year also saw the migrant crisis in Europe intensify as more migrants from war torn countries such as Syria and Iraq crossed the borders of the European Union. In an act of philanthropy George Soros donated $500 million to help EU countries integrate the migrants. The donation focused on investing in education programs and businesses run by the migrants, but the gesture was ultimately in vain. Europeans ultimately voted for policies and candidates opposing immigration leading to rise of the Brexit campaign on and nativist politicians such as Marie Le Pen. However, this wasn’t the only shocking twist of 2016.

A Year Of Surprises And Twists
2016, for Americans at least, was predicted to usher in new success for progressive policies on However, by the end of the year just the opposite happened. First there came the huge shock when British voters approved the passing of the Brexit decision. The surprise loss defied polls taken shortly before the referendum was sent for a vote and surprised even many Britons. Later on in the fall Republican nominee Donald J. Trump scored an electoral victory defying the majority of polls that indicated a lack of support for the candidate on Time. Despite these losses George Soros does not plan to retreat from politics again.

Where Does He Go From Here
If 2016 was a year of devastating losses, Soros would like to fill 2017 with recovery for the progressive left. In America, he has contacted the Democracy Alliance to help him think of a way for liberals to take back power. Formed in 2005, the Democracy Alliance is composed of the most powerful progressive donors in America at With their assistance Soros intends to find a way to stop the agenda of Donald Trump. Focusing on his plans for his first 100 days, Soros is taking aim at every proposal on Trump’s list.