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Markus Rothkranz on Taking Enzymes

Enzymes are important supplements, and Markus Rothkranz discusses when and when not to take them. They can be useful. They are not themselves dangerous, because they are natural substances in the body.

Apparently in a previous video he advised people to take enzymes, and he wants to clarify his prior advice. The main thing people take enzymes for his digestion. He makes the point that if you take enzymes to help your digestion when you’re eating unhealthy foods, you’re just helping your body to absorb the unhealthy foods. Also, some of those enzymes break down fiber into starch and simple sugars while it’s still in the stomach. However, fiber is what feeds the good bacteria in your intestines, which help give you a strong immune system. If you take enzymes to digest the fiber you eat before it reaches your intestines, you’re starving your gut bacteria of the food they need to encourage the growth of good bacteria.

However, enzymes for digestion might be a good idea for people who are too skinny and who need to gain weight. And you should not take them indefinitely, because that encourages the body to stop producing its own supply of them. And if you’re trying to lose weight, don’t take enzymes. People who start eating smoothies can start gaining weight because the walls of the cells of the foods are broken down by the blender, making the nutrition more accessible to the body. Therefore, eating salads has the advantage of sending more fiber to your gut flora. He then stresses that people should not eat garbage foods at all, and that will help their health.

And foods from animals contain no fiber at all. Experts say people don’t have enough enzymes, but that’s because they are not eating raw vegan foods. Therefore, now Rothkranz does not recommend people take a lot of enzymes unless they are either a bodybuilder or trying to gain weight.

Early in the video he mentions how if you take enzymes on an empty stomach, the body uses them to help with tasks, but then he focuses only on using enzymes for digestion, which is the main way people take them.

Markus Rothkranz Releases Heal Yourself 101

This video is the trailer for Markus Rothkranz’s book, Heal Yourself 101. Because of that, it’s short, dynamic and hard-hitting rather than a slower, informational video. It hammers home the central message that there is no magic in doctors, fad diets, medicines, herbs, supplements or anything else somebody wants to sell to you. You have to heal yourself. The power is in you.

It starts out making a big promise addressed to the viewer. “If you’re tired of — ” and then lists many common medical problems, knowing that everybody has some of these conditions. They range from the very serious, such as diabetes, to the common, hair loss in men. This way, Rothkranz lets the viewer know that his message is for them.

Then he introduces the main point: “Stop depending on others to heal you.” There’s no magic product or healer that is going to fix you. This is not the message that most people in alternative health are used to hearing. Most people who seek for solutions to their health and medical problems are used to seeing pitches for supplements of various kinds, from simple vitamins and minerals to the latest wonder herb from the Amazonian rain forest. And some do look to particular gurus or healers to lead them to the “promised land” of good health.

He makes the sensible point, to stop doing the things that are making you sick and old. Then he tells us his story. Twenty years ago, while just 27, Rothkranz had terrible health problems because he was eating a typical American diet of processed, unhealthy foods. He tried various diets, including going vegan, and took thousands of dollars of supplements, but remained sick. Then he describes a beautiful story of going out into the desert to begin over, and has a revelation.

Now, Rothkranz is his own best advertisement. He looks still 27, with a full head of longish blonde unruly hair like a California surfer dude. He still sells and gives away (the PDF version) of this book. It explains everything Rothkranz did to recover from his medical problems and to stop the aging process. It could change your life.

Equities First Holdings: Restoring Borrowers’ Confidence in Stock-based Loans

With banks tightening their grip on loan-lending regulations, it has become impossible to acquire a working capital for many individuals. However, Equities First Holdings is changing this notion by bringing back stock-based loans.

The Predicament

With the newly revised lending criteria, by financial institutions, so many people have been locked out of qualifying for a new loan. This means reduced working capital, stalled business progression, increased mortgage frustrations to mention a few. And the banks have made it even worse by raising interest rates, making margin loans a tad expensive.

The Solution

Despite the ongoing borrower’s quagmire, Equities First Holdings have discovered a way to beat the system. This is through stock-based consumer loans. The concept was already there, and lots of borrowers were already gravitating towards it, but the global lender has resorted to publicize this option as an available loan alternative.

Stocks are the new collateral for accessing loans and this comes with a lot of advantages for the consumer. To begin with, stock-based loans don’t require any pre-qualification requirements. This means that even with a poor credit history but available stock assets, you can still apply for a loan.

Conventional margin loans come with fluctuating interest rates which often affects the final amount to be paid back. It’s not the same for stock-based loans, the interest rate is fixed thus you are sure of what you pay back in the end. Moreover, whereas margin loans require collateral that can be liquefied when the borrower defaults in payments, stock-based loans have no such hold on the borrower. So you can freely walk away from then obligation even when the value of collateral stock drops.


There is, therefore, security in stock-based loans and Equities First Holdings are capitalizing on it. However, the biggest challenge for the global lender is convincing the masses that stock-based loans still work. Borrowers are still petrified by the past cases of borrowers dumping consumer collateral stock into the market and fleeing when stocks crash. Equities First Holdings promise Integrity and transparency when handling stock-based loans.

About Equities First

Equities First Holdings is a global lender of non-purpose capital loans to business and wealthy individuals. The firm has over 14 years experience in loan securities and have 9 established offices globally. They offer alternative lending solutions to individuals who cannot access conventional loans. Equities first consider themselves the pioneers of stock lending, a concept that was once shunned due to unscrupulous dealings by early lending institutions.

Wine Vintners And Merchants Of The UK

Wine has a long and colorful history in the UK. Wine has been a staple in society since before historical records were kept. Over the years many have perfected the art of making and selling wine. These UK vintners take extreme pride in providing the very best wines that have been kept in ideal environments. Wine merchants in the United Kingdom know the delicate tendencies of wine and take measures to guard against anything that would affect the intended qualities of the product.

There are quite a few UK vintners and wine merchants in the country today. Wine has become more popular than ever as wine bars and wine clubs have begun to increase in numbers. There are some particular vintner companies that stand out in the UK. Among those is Wilkinson Vintners.They were founded in 1993 by Patrick and Fiona Wilkinson. They currently have millions in wine stock at their facility. They have also taken on Paul Bowker who was previously a department head for Christie’s in their wine selection.

Enotria & Coe are another highly respected full-service wine company in the UK. The company is a combination of two highly skilled wine merchants and importers that joined forces in August 2015. The two companies were built from the ground up using smart strategies and by making sure that their timing in the market was right. Their partnership combines decades of experience to provide their customers with the very best UK wines on the market.

Merchant Vintners is the largest wine distributor in the UK. The company was founded in 1963 and is comprised of twenty different firms. Their vision is to enable the smaller wine merchants the opportunity to do business without being outdone by larger competitors. That philosophy has allowed their company to grow to its current size and ability. The members of the firm work together and advise one another regarding business practices and strategies.

These companies represent some of the fantastic UK vintners that are in business right now. They take great pride in a time-honored tradition. They allow wine lovers to enjoy their favorite spirit that has been handled with care and delivered with pride.

Experiencing Healing With Dherbs offers a variety of different products such as bath and body, colon cleansers, pet care items, herbal supplements and weight loss products. These products can contribute to a happy, healthy body and home. The Dherbs full body cleanse is especially helpful facilitating a full body detox with a plethora of different herbs and ingredients.


The Full Body Cleanse on is a 20 day regimen that can assist with weight loss and boost immunity. It can also increase energy levels and enhance brain chemistry. A release in toxins will also help to eliminate sugar cravings from reduced candida overgrowth.


The official Tumblr account of makes evident that the cleanse is especially useful for cleansing the blood and improving circulation. Herbal ingredients to achieve this include dandelion root, burdock root, kelp, nettle, olive leaf, beet root and several other ingredients.


The cleanse has a special ingredient called “Activated Charcoal” that helps to absorb all toxic matter within the body, such as heavy metals, that can easily be taken out of the body through urination or a bowl movement. offers a variety of other products, especially for weight loss. Their Metabolism Booster contains a proprietary blend of herbs and ingredients that boost your metabolic rate, thyroid and liver. Some key ingredients include garcinia fruit, chitrak, ginger root, green tea and cayenne pepper. It is safe enough to be given to overweight children as well.


Dherbs also offers a business opportunity. You can become a distributor of products and sell them to friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. The company has been featured on the Steve Harvey show as well other TV shows. offers an exclusive membership that comes with many perks, such as receiving 10% off all orders, a free detox specialist service, 2 free e-books, free admission to Dherbs promotional events, 1 free product (up to $20) with first purchase, and 1 free product when you purchase 4 of the same one.


Memberships are only $50 and are good for up to one year.

Securus Technologies Gets State Of The Art Training

Recently PRNewswire did an article about a company called Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a company that is headquartered in Dallas Texas. They work with technology in the law enforcement system. Securus Technologies is able to work with more than 3450 corrections agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates all across America. Securus Technologies is truly a unique company, because it has been able to provide these correctional facilities with the equipment that they need to manage their clients with biometric analysis, help with communication and investigation, and monitoring and surveying technology. Securus Technologies is a criminal justice technology company that has helped to improve the lives of inmate’s family members and also officers in correctional facilities.



Some Securus Technologies field service specialist have been able to get the BICSI installer 1 certification. The Building Industry Consulting Service International is a association that supports communications technology in the world. This BICSI association serves more than 23,000 ICT professionals in more than 100 countries.


The training that Securus Technologies has been able to receive for their specialist will help them to achieve the highest level of performance and reliability when it comes to their customers. These specialists that have received their BICSI training will now be able to utilize their education to bring value to Securus Technologies, and it gives another layer of expertise to their customers.

The Incredible 2020 Lovaganza Celebration Event Across the Whole World

The Lovaganza was created to make the world of entertainment more interesting, developed, and inspiring to their audiences. Lovaganza is destined to make sure that by 2020 all the people around the world understands all nations, the unity among humans, the uniqueness of each person, and all cultures around the world.

Lovaganza have theme named “embarking on A BOHEMIAN ADVENTURE” which is operating in all parts of the world including countries from;

· Africa,

· Europe,

· the Middle-East,

· America,

· the Oceania countries, and

· Asia.

Their 2020 celebrations through the above theme will ensure that from their bedazzling and remarkable entertainment on, exhibitions, and attracting motion pictures will ensure understanding of all cultures in the world.  The audiences of Lovaganza are sure of an extraordinary classic entertainment due to their immersive motion images and their outstanding way of entertainment. Actually, it’s Pavilions available all around the world in the eight flagships will receive their activities concurrently. Thus their 2020 celebrations will be all over the nations of the world and all the people will be able to enjoy its climax.

Their Stage Show known as the Extravaganza Of Love will be the main tower of their celebrations. The show will be revolutionary and fascinating under the Grand Chapiteau. To make it more pleasurable, the show will comprise;

· Real life dancer performing,

· The best actors to showcase live, and

· Extraordinary acrobats showing their incredible skills.

In addition, the show will be on the stunning Immerscope screen which is a wraparound of a 3D glass-less.

The Lovaganza films on use a wonderful cinema medium which is designed to make you experience the enjoyable moments as never before. Their wide varieties of collections including actions, comedy, mystery, suspense on a scale and classical dramas will create unforgettable rides in the audiences. The Immerscope technology used in Lovaganza also makes the filming brilliant, it includes;

· The remarkable 3D screens which are glassless and

· Both 3D and 2D regular theaters.

The main scenes will be available again during the 2020 celebrations but their trailers and the events behind the scenes are available and comes life. You can be watching the following vine compilation;

· The Sunshine Shop Trailer.

· The Goldenwings clip.

· Take your place in history documentary.

· The Lovaganza convoy trailers.

· The Lovaganza 2020 celebration trailer, and many more trailers available.

Through their ‘Hands Across the World’ event all the participants will hold each other’s hands instantaneously and by use of Unity Machines continents will be connected, this will promote unity and peace across all the continents. Thus Lovaganza will by doing so have impacted the world positively towards development since unity and peace are power.

Did George Soros Fund Black Lives Matter

Many right-wing activists and even politicians have theorized that liberal activists and billionaire, George Soros, may have conspired to fund the Black Lives Matter movement. This has been a conspiracy theory for a while. The origins started after Democratic presidential contender, Bernie Sanders, was interrupted at a campaign stump speech by Black Lives Matter activists. It is a bit concerning that people are making these accusations and it is peculiar that they seem to have an exact amount picked out when it comes to the value that he has given to the cause, $33 million.

The rumors started as a quell but have gained steam and even reached some of the mainstream media outlets. Some pundits on FOX News have even gone as far to accuse George Soros of completely funding the Black Lives Matter Movement. The movement has also been in the news lately as they have been protesting the murders of two African American men in Baton Rouge, LA, and Minneapolis, MN after they were stopped by officers for innocuous crimes. The movement is a hot button topic in politics today.

Bill O’Reilly has accused George Soros and entertainers Beyonce and Jay-Z of giving money to organizations that work in tandem with Black Lives Matter. He has accused Soros and others of dancing around giving the money to the Black Lives Matter movement directly by using these left-wing organizations to fund BLM indirectly.

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Foreign Policy

This has been proven to not be true as the BLM movement is not centralized enough to have the financial backing of this type be distributed correctly at It spans from protest marches to online blogs and other resources used to get the message out. This type of funding wouldn’t be effective in propelling such a movement. The movement is too splintered.

Soros’ Open Society Foundation has given out over $800 million in the last year. $33 million is the number that conspiracy theorists have used against George Soros because that is what the Open Society Foundation spent on domestic issues and protests of broader social issues. An eighth of that money has gone to fight the war on drugs in America. It would be nearly impossible for Soros to fund these grassroots protests. They are simply too splintered and grassroots to be funded in that manner.

Secrus Technologies Takes a Stand for Integrity

In recent news, I learned about the Global Tel Link investigation that Securus Technologies has pushed for. It is apparent that, in the eyes of Securus Technologies, Global Tel Link has been shamefully overcharging their customers and destroying the integrity of the industry. With both companies being in similar fields, Securus Technologies being a provider of prison technology and Global Tel Link specializing in inmate communications, as stated by Wikipedia, I believe Securus Technologies is working to rid the bad reputation that Global Tel Link has created for the industry.
Firstly, Global Tel Link has been accused of adding 15 or 36 seconds to the duration of phone calls to increase the billing price. Secondly, rates that were given for calls surpassed the legal rate caps. Thirdly, Securus Technologies suspects that Global Tel Link added a variety of charges to increase bills. Fourthly, Global Tel Link has been stated as to billing customers for the same call more than once.
Due to these unfair billing additions, Securus Technologies calculated that taxpayers were overcharged by over $1 million. Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, spoke out by saying, “that [overcharging customers] represents atrocious behavior on the part of a significant carrier in our sector, and I will not allow such a pattern of these actions to go unnoticed.”
Throughout the next few months, Securus Technologies has reported their plan of releasing the wrongdoings of Global Tel Link.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.