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Stretching a Helping Hand-IAP Worldwide

Disaster management is one crucial part of our everyday life. We cannot [prevent disaster from happening, but we can manage it. Several organizations on have been established and are helping the United States as well as the world as a whole to deal with the management of disasters including floods, war, earthquake as well as droughts.

IAP Worldwide Inc. is one of the leading organizations that were established with a primary purpose of distributing global-scale logistics, innovative professional and methodological services as well as facilities administration. IAP Worldwide is dedicated to providing quality services and products to their clients, and they can achieve their goals by employing a professional team that has vast knowledge in disaster management. The organization has more than 20000 employees worldwide who serve in more than 25 countries. IAP Worldwide offers their products and services to both the private and public sectors and deals with their most challenging issues.

The group was known as Pan Am World Services, and it was giving the contract of constructing as well as operating American’s first space launch complex base in Cape Canaveral Florida. Since then the company has been involved in the testing of more than 2500 launches including the first air breath missiles. The organization continued to evolve over the years, and Johnsons Control Inc. acquired Pan Am, and it became an international leader in the provision and maintenance of military bases and commercial facilities. Later IAP Worldwide was founded in Irmo, and it dealt specifically with the logistics and procurement companies. IAP Worldwide started with winning a contract from the United States government to provide generators to the U.S army troops in Saudi Arabia, and later it became part of the support team of the national forces in their operation Desert Storm Operation. The company continues to support the United States military by proving temporary and permanent mobile generators, transport services as well as emergency disaster relief.

In the efforts of serving the world better, IAP Worldwide recently acquired G3 System Limited a Company that operates in the United Kingdom as well as the overseas. For over 60 years IAP has been in the forefront to build a reputation as a responsive and reliable organization in the disaster management field. The company takes pride in serving their clients well and taking their mission and challenge as their own. They believe in offering uncompromising services and products and whatever keeps their customers awake during the night what gets them out of their beds early in the morning. IAP Worldwide emergency response team was among the first to offer their support during Katrina, Sandy, Katia and other devastating events including the deployment of expert personnel, communication systems and emergency power.

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