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Markus Rothkranz Releases Heal Yourself 101

This video is the trailer for Markus Rothkranz’s book, Heal Yourself 101. Because of that, it’s short, dynamic and hard-hitting rather than a slower, informational video. It hammers home the central message that there is no magic in doctors, fad diets, medicines, herbs, supplements or anything else somebody wants to sell to you. You have to heal yourself. The power is in you.

It starts out making a big promise addressed to the viewer. “If you’re tired of — ” and then lists many common medical problems, knowing that everybody has some of these conditions. They range from the very serious, such as diabetes, to the common, hair loss in men. This way, Rothkranz lets the viewer know that his message is for them.

Then he introduces the main point: “Stop depending on others to heal you.” There’s no magic product or healer that is going to fix you. This is not the message that most people in alternative health are used to hearing. Most people who seek for solutions to their health and medical problems are used to seeing pitches for supplements of various kinds, from simple vitamins and minerals to the latest wonder herb from the Amazonian rain forest. And some do look to particular gurus or healers to lead them to the “promised land” of good health.

He makes the sensible point, to stop doing the things that are making you sick and old. Then he tells us his story. Twenty years ago, while just 27, Rothkranz had terrible health problems because he was eating a typical American diet of processed, unhealthy foods. He tried various diets, including going vegan, and took thousands of dollars of supplements, but remained sick. Then he describes a beautiful story of going out into the desert to begin over, and has a revelation.

Now, Rothkranz is his own best advertisement. He looks still 27, with a full head of longish blonde unruly hair like a California surfer dude. He still sells and gives away (the PDF version) of this book. It explains everything Rothkranz did to recover from his medical problems and to stop the aging process. It could change your life.