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Did George Soros Fund Black Lives Matter

Many right-wing activists and even politicians have theorized that liberal activists and billionaire, George Soros, may have conspired to fund the Black Lives Matter movement. This has been a conspiracy theory for a while. The origins started after Democratic presidential contender, Bernie Sanders, was interrupted at a campaign stump speech by Black Lives Matter activists. It is a bit concerning that people are making these accusations and it is peculiar that they seem to have an exact amount picked out when it comes to the value that he has given to the cause, $33 million.

The rumors started as a quell but have gained steam and even reached some of the mainstream media outlets. Some pundits on FOX News have even gone as far to accuse George Soros of completely funding the Black Lives Matter Movement. The movement has also been in the news lately as they have been protesting the murders of two African American men in Baton Rouge, LA, and Minneapolis, MN after they were stopped by officers for innocuous crimes. The movement is a hot button topic in politics today.

Bill O’Reilly has accused George Soros and entertainers Beyonce and Jay-Z of giving money to organizations that work in tandem with Black Lives Matter. He has accused Soros and others of dancing around giving the money to the Black Lives Matter movement directly by using these left-wing organizations to fund BLM indirectly.

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This has been proven to not be true as the BLM movement is not centralized enough to have the financial backing of this type be distributed correctly at It spans from protest marches to online blogs and other resources used to get the message out. This type of funding wouldn’t be effective in propelling such a movement. The movement is too splintered.

Soros’ Open Society Foundation has given out over $800 million in the last year. $33 million is the number that conspiracy theorists have used against George Soros because that is what the Open Society Foundation spent on domestic issues and protests of broader social issues. An eighth of that money has gone to fight the war on drugs in America. It would be nearly impossible for Soros to fund these grassroots protests. They are simply too splintered and grassroots to be funded in that manner.