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Securus Technologies Announces Multi-State Campaign to Promote Awareness and Benefits of Video Visitation

According to Securus Technologies, there are over 2 million personal connections which are made annually between the inmates and their loved ones in the United States.


Secures Technologies, the leading provider in criminal justice and civil technology for investigation, public safety, monitoring, and corrections has announced their latest campaign that looks forward to promoting the Remote Video Visitation benefits in all the correctional facilities in the United States.


For more than 30 days to come, the Securus Technologies Remote Video Visitation service will be featured in numerous ads and commercial listings to demonstrate its value to the inmates and the correctional facilities. According to the President of Securus Technologies, the company will foster the connectivity of more than 170,000 inmates monthly where the consumers of this technology have chosen to visit and connect with their inmates from their mobile phones and apps instead of the old drive to the jails.


Rick Smith, the CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies, said that said that these commercial ads and infomercials would showcase the real meaning and importance of the remote Video Visitations. For this reason, this new technology will offer a safe and secure platform for the two parties to communicate. For the country to develop a better future for the inmates, a constant connection to their parents for guidance is imperative. The inmates must, therefore, use this mobile application that lets them stay in touch with their families and loved ones. The company is dedicated towards connecting souls that want to talk to the people that care most.


According to the release, Securus has no objection to the current onsite visitations. As a matter of fact, the remote Vide Visitations is a supplement to the onsite visitations. However, many people have chosen the remote visitation process that saves them time and money. These visits are growing every month.


Securus Technologies Gets State Of The Art Training

Recently PRNewswire did an article about a company called Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a company that is headquartered in Dallas Texas. They work with technology in the law enforcement system. Securus Technologies is able to work with more than 3450 corrections agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates all across America. Securus Technologies is truly a unique company, because it has been able to provide these correctional facilities with the equipment that they need to manage their clients with biometric analysis, help with communication and investigation, and monitoring and surveying technology. Securus Technologies is a criminal justice technology company that has helped to improve the lives of inmate’s family members and also officers in correctional facilities.



Some Securus Technologies field service specialist have been able to get the BICSI installer 1 certification. The Building Industry Consulting Service International is a association that supports communications technology in the world. This BICSI association serves more than 23,000 ICT professionals in more than 100 countries.


The training that Securus Technologies has been able to receive for their specialist will help them to achieve the highest level of performance and reliability when it comes to their customers. These specialists that have received their BICSI training will now be able to utilize their education to bring value to Securus Technologies, and it gives another layer of expertise to their customers.

Secrus Technologies Takes a Stand for Integrity

In recent news, I learned about the Global Tel Link investigation that Securus Technologies has pushed for. It is apparent that, in the eyes of Securus Technologies, Global Tel Link has been shamefully overcharging their customers and destroying the integrity of the industry. With both companies being in similar fields, Securus Technologies being a provider of prison technology and Global Tel Link specializing in inmate communications, as stated by Wikipedia, I believe Securus Technologies is working to rid the bad reputation that Global Tel Link has created for the industry.
Firstly, Global Tel Link has been accused of adding 15 or 36 seconds to the duration of phone calls to increase the billing price. Secondly, rates that were given for calls surpassed the legal rate caps. Thirdly, Securus Technologies suspects that Global Tel Link added a variety of charges to increase bills. Fourthly, Global Tel Link has been stated as to billing customers for the same call more than once.
Due to these unfair billing additions, Securus Technologies calculated that taxpayers were overcharged by over $1 million. Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, spoke out by saying, “that [overcharging customers] represents atrocious behavior on the part of a significant carrier in our sector, and I will not allow such a pattern of these actions to go unnoticed.”
Throughout the next few months, Securus Technologies has reported their plan of releasing the wrongdoings of Global Tel Link.

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