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The Lefkofskys’ Fight Against Cancer

Many thought that the legacy of Eric Lefkofsky would have been his $2.2 billion company, Groupon. However, when his wife was found to be suffering from breast cancer, this likelihood changed dramatically. The Lefkofskys gathered information from different sources in an effort to learn all they could about the diagnosis. It was in this process of seeking a solution to his wife’s problem that Eric established Tempus.

The Origin of Tempus

Tempus has come up with an operating system that deals with cancer. This technological platform connects clinical data with molecular and anatomic data from other medical systems across the country. With all this information at a central location, doctors are better able to develop well informed and personalized treatments. A good example is the use of a combination of radiation and chemo on a patient relying on other results from patients who had a similar medical background.

Lefkofsky, one of the billionaires in Forbes list, has now committed himself to gaining a full understanding of cancer and has read a lot and consulted widely regarding the topic. Kevin White is the founding director of “The Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology” at the University of Chicago and is also the president of Tempus. White has received training in genetics and agrees that his goals are aligned with those of Lefkofsky. They are both dedicated to advancing cancer treatment with the use of modern technology.

While White’s expertise is in science, Eric is skilled in building enterprises that gather huge amounts of information for determining how to advance the condition of a particular industry. Tempus gives doctors the opportunity to use an analytics system to gather more data about patients. Recently, Ambramson Cancer Center of the “University of Pennsylvania” was the latest health institute to partner with Tempus. Some of the local hospitals that have teamed up with Tempus include: “Rush University Medical Center”, and “Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center”. Click Here to visit Eric’s profile .

Philanthropic Activities of Eric Lefkofsky

Lefkosfsky has given millions towards cancer research and has also been involved in numerous philanthropic activities. Eric and his wife, Liz, formed the “Lefkosfsky Family Foundation” in 2006, a charitable trust that supports charitable scientific and educational organizations. The foundation’s main goal is to promote programs and research aimed at improving human life. for more .