Dick DeVos Charity Information Released At $139 Million

Dick DeVos is an investor and business marketing guru who at one time was CEO of Amway Corporation, the company his father the famous Richard DeVos Sr. started. He retired from that position and has been investing with The Windquest Group and has also been involved in politics including now when his wife Betsy DeVos became US Secretary of Education. Due to the nature of the position, Dick and Betsy had to reveal their financial statements from which the longtime question of how much they had given to charity was answered. Dick and Betsy’s total amount in charity is now known to be $139 million in their lifetime.


Not surprisingly as Betsy is the new Secretary of Education, Dick and Betsy’s charity has been primarily directed at education groups. Due to the limited funds many private schools receive, Dick and Betsy have been involved with the non-profit Children’s Scholarship Fund and established matching scholarship grants through Education Freedom Fund, a child philanthropic organization of the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. But they also undertook an effort to build more charter schools throughout the state of Michigan, and in 2010 they brought a whole new group of instructors and administrators to the Gerald Ford Airport’s West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Grand Rapids urban development groups have also benefited from Dick and Betsy DeVos’s charity. Dick DeVos is one of the founding members of Grand Action which has had several new venues constructed for sports, museums and healthcare. He also has given to a research department of Michigan State University to send a team out to Lake Macatawa to investigate and find a source of pollution in the waters. Other organizations he’s supported are free market economics organizations including Hudson Institute, Action Institute and the Heritage Foundation.


Dick DeVos was introduced to Multilevel Marketing at his father’s company, Amway Corporation when he was still quite young. He attended college at Northwood University where he is still on the Board of Advisors today, and while still in college he began working as a manager in various departments at Amway. Several years into his career he became vice president of foreign sales and soon the company was making new sales overseas. Dick stepped down briefly from Amway and ran for the Michigan State Board of Education, seeded The Windquest Group and also became president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Dick DeVos joined Amway once again in 1993 when Richard DeVos Sr. appointed Dick to replace him and ran the company till 2002.


Dick DeVos’s company The Windquest Group is primarily focused on clean energy and Michigan technology startups, but they also own the shares to The Stowe Company, Boxed Water and support non-profits including ArtPrize. Dick is also a former political candidate who ran in Michigan’s gubernatorial race in 2006 but lost to incumbent Jennifer Granholm. He is also the author of a book on America’s heritage and moral standards titled “Rediscovering American Values.”