Markus Rothkranz on Taking Enzymes

Enzymes are important supplements, and Markus Rothkranz discusses when and when not to take them. They can be useful. They are not themselves dangerous, because they are natural substances in the body.

Apparently in a previous video he advised people to take enzymes, and he wants to clarify his prior advice. The main thing people take enzymes for his digestion. He makes the point that if you take enzymes to help your digestion when you’re eating unhealthy foods, you’re just helping your body to absorb the unhealthy foods. Also, some of those enzymes break down fiber into starch and simple sugars while it’s still in the stomach. However, fiber is what feeds the good bacteria in your intestines, which help give you a strong immune system. If you take enzymes to digest the fiber you eat before it reaches your intestines, you’re starving your gut bacteria of the food they need to encourage the growth of good bacteria.

However, enzymes for digestion might be a good idea for people who are too skinny and who need to gain weight. And you should not take them indefinitely, because that encourages the body to stop producing its own supply of them. And if you’re trying to lose weight, don’t take enzymes. People who start eating smoothies can start gaining weight because the walls of the cells of the foods are broken down by the blender, making the nutrition more accessible to the body. Therefore, eating salads has the advantage of sending more fiber to your gut flora. He then stresses that people should not eat garbage foods at all, and that will help their health.

And foods from animals contain no fiber at all. Experts say people don’t have enough enzymes, but that’s because they are not eating raw vegan foods. Therefore, now Rothkranz does not recommend people take a lot of enzymes unless they are either a bodybuilder or trying to gain weight.

Early in the video he mentions how if you take enzymes on an empty stomach, the body uses them to help with tasks, but then he focuses only on using enzymes for digestion, which is the main way people take them.