OSI- A Worldwide Company

Achieving world wide success is no small feat for any business. This, however is exactly what OSI has accomplished. This meat processing company has impacted the way people all across the globe get their meat. With headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, OSI’s roots go all the way back to the early 1900’s. The company was originally known as Otto & Sons and their founder Otto Kolschowsky was set on starting a simple family meat market. Years later the company has grown to be so much more.

Today OSI Group is a worldwide company. They have facilities all across the United States including states like Illinois, California, Iowa, and even Wisconsin. OSI Group business expands outside of North America to the continents Europe and Asia. The growth this company has experienced since their early beginnings is quite amazing. Just last year OSI was among Forbes top 60 largest private companies bringing in more than six billion dollars.

If you eat in anyway you’ve probably come into contact with OSI products. Major food service companies like Pizza Hut, Subway and even Starbucks count on OSI to deliver their products. OSI Group works with a large list of meats including thing like hot dogs, fish, pork and poultry. OSI’s influence is far reaching. Many companies depend on them to deliver great products to their customers.

OSI’s core values are a big part of their overall success. They are always exploring innovative solutions to problems. They believe in teamwork and integrity. Their employees have exceptional culinary skills and a worldwide knowledge of flavors. OSI’s years of delivering quality products make them more than trustworthy in today’s market. Their facilities have received a number of awards including recognition for management of health and safety risks as well as environmental management. Clearly OSI’s is at the head of their class. With their track record they are sure to be around for many years to come.