Securus Technologies Helps Law Enforcement Solve Crimes and Monitor Criminals

Securus Technologies continues to perfect specialized software that helps correctional facilities perform what frequently appears like a thankless job. Jails and prisons have an obligation to keep prisoners as safe as possible, while working with law enforcement officials on the outside, to produce evidence that might help solve crimes.



Solving Crimes


It’s extremely comforting for me to know that a company has dedicated their efforts to providing the software solutions that help monitor the communications of individuals who have made unproductive life choices. While it is necessary to provide for the safety of the inmates in all facilities, helping to protect the lives of the good citizens on the outside must be a priority. Securus allows law enforcement the convenience of monitoring the direct communications of inmates to offer a secure level of comfort to the outside world.



Parolee Monitoring


Once individuals who have entered the criminal judicial system are freed, it is even more essential that law enforcement have the capability to monitor their release. I find it refreshing to know there is technology in place that assists the legal system in helping to establish a healthy lifestyle balance for parolees.



When rehabilitated persons are placed back in society it is essential that their progress and development be observed closely. This not only gives them a greater chance of success, but also affords surrounding communities a blanket of security knowing that law enforcement does not need to physically watch every inmate released back in society.



I find it reassuring that a business like Securus Technologies had the foresight to develop software that allows law enforcement to work towards solving crimes, even when suspects are incarcerated. The systems also assist inmates in trying to better their lives after release, then monitoring that progress when they’re given the opportunity to rejoin society.